McLennan Experience

"My son, Mason Mikeska, went to school and played golf at MCC from 2018-2020. I think they were the most formative years of Mason’s life so far. MCC provided an outstanding educational experience as well as an outstanding golf experience under Vince Clark. The professors worked with students to prepare them for their next step in their academic career, and Coach Clark molded Mason into a better golfer and young man. The teammates that he had those two years are now and will always be his “brothers,” and Coach Clark will always be a friend and mentor to him. That is what I am most thankful for from Mason’s MCC Experience."

— Keith Mikeska, Midway High School Golf Coach

“In high school, people always told me that “college was the best four years of their life.” I was hesitant to believe them. However, after choosing to play for Coach Clark, my opinion quickly changed. He took a shy, home-schooled kid and brought him into his “family.” From the very beginning, I felt as though I belonged there. “Vincer” teaches all of us that we are family (brothers). This is what I believe sets us apart from any other program in the country. We fight, argue, care for, battle, encourage, protect and love like brothers do.

Coach Clark has coached over a hundred players. He has taught over 11,000 students. Every single person that has come in contact with him has been greeted with a genuine handshake and has been influenced in some form or fashion. He demonstrates integrity in everything that he does. Vincer never took credit for any success that we had on the course. He always says, “I didn’t hit a single shot,” but we know that without him, the success wouldn’t be there; at least not as frequently.

I was extremely lucky to be able to play college golf, but even luckier to play for Vince Clark. I believe that he is the best coach in the nation – for any sport. I will never forget my time at McLennan and I will forever cherish my friendship with Vince Clark.

— Andrew Johnson

"Coming out of high school, I felt like I was settling by going to a junior college. However, I knew there was some reason for me to end up at MCC. I also knew that there was something special about Vincer (Coach Clark). Planning to attend MCC seemed a bit of a weak decision throughout that summer, but once I began my time there, my opinion changed instantly. “Unreal” is the only way to describe the experience. The BROTHERHOOD is what makes it unforgettable. It is the best decision I have ever made, and I truly mean that.

At McLennan, you will grow not only as a golfer, but also as a person. I can honestly say that leaving Waco saying, "See ya later" to Vincer and the boys was just about as hard as leaving for college the first time. It is "see ya later" and not "goodbye" because the bond – the BROTHERHOOD – created by this experience is too strong to just end after two years. It is so special to know that no matter what, I will always have the boys from the 2015 team, the 2016 National Champions team, and Vincer, to stay in touch with for the remainder of my life."
- Ryan Johnson, Augusta State University

“As my senior year in high school arrived and plans for college were being made, a big concern for my parents was the idea of me moving away to attend college and living on my own. We visited several campuses, trying to decide where I would continue my education, and came to the conclusion that McLennan was a great fit. After meeting with Vincer, my parents and I were sure that I would have nothing but great experiences ahead, if given the opportunity to join the golf program.

Choosing to attend McLennan was, by far, one of the best decisions I have made in order to mature as an adult, excel in academic achievement and to greatly improve my golfing potential. Under the wing of Vincer, I was able to maintain an exceptional GPA and to greatly improve not only in golf, but also as an individual. Throughout the two years at McLennan, Vincer was a great coach, and he became a very close friend and an outstanding role model.

The team environment and attitude is second to none. As part of the McLennan golf family, I saw my teammates as brothers that I will always keep in touch with throughout my life. Time spent on the golf course is so much more enjoyable when you are surrounded by a group of guys who share the same goals and values. Looking back, it makes me wish I could continue my education, as well as my golf, at McLennan under the guidance of Vincer. I have nothing but great things to say about McLennan, Waco, coach Clark and the McLennan golf family as a whole. It gave me an opportunity to improve in every aspect of my life, and for that I am truly grateful. With the help of Vincer, along with multiple other staff members at McLennan, I had an experience that one could only hope for.
-Gunner Cash, University of Texas at Arlington

"Coming out of high school, I wasn't even sure that I wanted to play golf at the collegiate level. I had one good tournament in the late spring of my senior year and had a change of heart. Vince was willing to meet with me over spring break and offered me a chance to come and join his squad in the fall. This turned out to be the greatest decision of my life. Vince is an incredible golf coach and an even better friend. I have formed relationships with not only my teammates but with faculty and staff around the McLennan campus. It was only the start of my college experience, but what a start it was. I am forever grateful for the people I had the privilege to meet along with my teammates and coaching staff. I will always consider myself a Highlander.
— Greyden Blevins, McLennan 2010-2012
"The best of the best in every aspect. The campus is gorgeous, the staff is all well qualified and friendly, the learning experience is top notch and the athletic program is second to none!!!

The golf courses in Waco teach a player how to manipulate ball flight, manage difficult situations, assess green speed and slope, maintain composure and will challenge even the most advanced short-game specialist. These basic lessons are the MOST IMPORTANT to a player with plans of pursuing a career in the golf industry.

The men on our team weren't just teammates; they were like brothers. Each helping the next to achieve every ounce of their potential − lifelong friends that will always be there for each other.

During my time there I learned so many things, not only about being a student athlete but about being a contributing member of society. Now owning my own business, having a family and creating new memories, I still look back on my time at McLennan with great respect. The true life lessons that can be learned from Vince Clark cannot even be described with words. A great man and a better friend!"

— Jay Holm, PGA Pro and owner of RiverEdge Golf Course, Marshfield, Wisconsin

"I was very hesitant to begin my college experience at McLennan. I grew up in Canada and saw myself going to a top-caliber Division I program right out of high school. My grades were very important to me and I thought I was a standout golfer. Going to McLennan turned out to be the best decision of my life as it humbled me as a player and as a person. I was able to have some amazing experiences and develop relationships that I will have for my entire life.

At McLennan I was surrounded by extremely talented golfers who were even better people. While I was at McLennan we won back-to-back national championships along with countless tournament titles. We were also named the top academic team in a variety of regards. Despite these accolades, the most valuable accomplishment is how we all developed and progressed as people. In the words of Vincer, ‘We loved like brothers and fought like brothers.’ We were a big family through the good times and the bad, and to this day I keep in close contact with all my brothers even though we have carried on down our own unique paths. As I write this I am making travel arrangements with one of my former teammates from Mexico to travel together and compete in the Canadian Amateur Championship.

McLennan offers everything a golfer needs to compete at the highest level − great facilities, a beautiful campus, and the best coach I have come across at the helm of the program. More importantly, you get to be apart of the McLennan experience − that truly is the best life."

— John Dawson Neufeld, Seton Hall University

"I came to McLennan from Denmark without really knowing what to expect. During the first semester, I had a little bit of trouble adjusting to a new language, a new culture and bunch of new people. Vincer really helped me with that. If I needed any help, he was there for me. He made the transition so much easier, and I am forever thankful for it. When I went home after my first semester, I found out how much I really missed everything about McLennan. I missed my teammates, my coaches, the competition and especially the weather.

McLennan helped me transfer to a bigger program when I was done. I spent my last two years at the University of North Texas, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences. When I look back at my four years of college, all of my greatest memories are from my days at McLennan. Even though I have moved back to Europe, I still keep in touch with so many people that I met in Waco, and I love coming back there."

— Andreas Kali, University of North Texas

"A friend referred me to McLennan and I accepted a scholarship to play golf there for two years while completing an associate's degree in business. I was 19 years old, and McLennan proved to be the perfect place for me to start. I think I would have been overwhelmed at a four-year university. In Waco, I felt there was great balance between schoolwork and time on the golf course. While I maintained good grades in the classroom, I still saw my golf game develop greatly. The atmosphere at school was great, and I felt very much at ease on the beautiful campus.

After completing two years for the Highlanders, I transferred to Georgia State University. My two years in Waco enabled this move, and I enjoyed two years of Division I golf and graduated with a degree in finance in 2004.

I still consider coach Vince Clark the most influential and inspirational person I have ever met. The lessons learned under his wing far exceeded my expectations. Vincer's immense knowledge of golf has taught me so much about the subtle aspects of the game, such as the mental strategies. He instilled in me a great confidence in my golf and my own abilities. Do not, however, mistake his calm, easygoing manner for not caring about results − he is a fierce competitor and wants to win.

I still come to Waco for inspiration and to practice with Vincer and the team in the fall and winter. The facilities there enable me to get ready for my professional golf tournaments on the European Challenge Tour."

— Kasper Jorgensen, Georgia State and European Challenge Tour

"McLennan has a solid college golf program. The campus is modern, and the golf facilities give a player an excellent place to practice, play and improve. I still go back there to practice in the winter with Vincer and the boys."

— Richie Ramsay, 2006 U.S. Amateur Champion and European Tour

"My two years at McLennan not only gave me a foundation for my education, but laid a foundation for my life. McLennan attracted outstanding people to its campus while I was there, and I made lifelong friends. I keep in touch with them and still love going back to Waco for a good game of golf."

— Brian Jennings, University of Texas at Tyler and Edwin Watts Golf-Fort Worth

"McLennan was a great stepping stone for my college golf career. The campus at McLennan is first-class − from the faculty to the facilities. Everyone is helpful and goes the extra mile to help students be successful.

As for golf, they have great practice facilities and golf courses. My time there gave me the opportunity to get playing time in qualifiers and tournaments, which really helped improve my game. I will never forget my two years at McLennan with coach Clark; he is a great mentor, and a better friend. Vincer's faith in me and his own example inspired me to perform my very best in the classroom and on the course."

— Ryan Knoll, Arkansas State

"The experience I had at McLennan was a good one for many reasons. McLennan has one of the best JUCO golf programs in the country − I think everyone at Nationals my freshman year would agree with me. The people at the school are all friendly and make students feel welcome, which was important to me because I moved to Waco from Scotland. We were on sports scholarships, and my coaches spurred all of us on to be the best we could be in the classroom and on the golf course.

In my time there I was involved with more than just the golf team because everyone in the Athletic Department pulled for each other − ALL the teams were in it battling to be the best together.

Twin Rivers Golf Club is a very, very good golf course with outstanding practice facilities. Cottonwood Creek Golf Course is a different kind of design but also a good golf course and practice facility. Both courses test every aspect of a golfer's game. They make one more wise on how to play smart but aggressive golf.

McLennan golf has a lot going for it, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to play golf in college. I enjoyed my time there −it was good for me and my golf − and I still go back to practice and play with the coach and the team. McLennan is a good stepping stone that can make one a better scholar, golfer and person."

 — Paul Cormack, Hooters and Coastal Tours

"The two years I spent at McLennan were the best two years of my life. Coach Vince Clark is a great coach because of the respect and loyalty he gives to his players. The family atmosphere that Vincer works to instill in his teams is something I still appreciate. I went to McLennan knowing no one but left with eight teammates who are among my best friends; I still keep in touch with them and Vincer to this day. His knowledge and love of the game is unbelievable and admirable. He helped me find ‘my game,’ which we tested constantly and successfully in competition − both at home in qualifiers and on the road in tournaments. McLennan was a good place for me to learn and build a competitive golf game so that I could pursue my goals of playing Division I and now playing professional golf."

 — Cole Howard, University of North Texas and Texas Tours

"When I think about McLennan, I have so many great things to say but have a difficult time finding the right words...

Our son went to McLennan from 2004 to 2006 to play golf. During his time there, he played for Coach Rick Butler and his assistant, Vince Clark. While he was there, he had the opportunity to play against some of the most talented golfers in the nation. His experiences were very positive. After our son finished at McLennan, Vince took over the golf program.

McLennan is so lucky and blessed to have Vince as a part of its faculty and coaching staff. As a parent of a college freshman, you ask yourself who is going to watch over and take care of my child when they go off to school. Everyone at McLennan took an interest in our son. At McLennan it wasn't just about playing golf but also about life, family, friends and education.

Coach Clark incorporates golf with teaching his boys important lessons and life skills. He is like a father, brother, best friend and coach all in one. Vince has had a huge impact on our son's life. His passion for life is very rare in this day and time, and it is a blessing to have his influence in our son's life. They have made a lifelong friendship that continues to grow. Since leaving McLennan, our son has continued his education and golf game at the University of North Texas. We believe his success on and off the golf course is because of the great foundation he received at McLennan."

— Marion & Eleesa Howard (Parents of Cole Howard)

"My time at McLennan was a great experience and stepping stone for me to get to the next level in college golf. At McLennan, the teachers really care about how students perform in class, and they helped me a great deal with my studies. The professors at McLennan worked with me in and after class and cared about me personally. On the golf course, I got the chance to actually qualify for every tournament, which helped me develop a tougher competitive edge to my game. The courses we played helped our team improve; the practice facilities in Waco are great; and the competition at the tournaments we entered was outstanding. Actually, being in competition made all the difference for me.

Vince Clark was an inspiration to me on and off the golf course. He and I worked more hours than we can count on the mental game, the short game, and the little things necessary to maintain my swing. Vince actually took the time to learn my individual swing and what we needed to do to produce the shots and game I wanted. Vince has been my best coach! Out of high school, I had Division I offers, but I am glad I went to McLennan because the program gave me the academic and competitive experience I needed. Now I am a two-time college All-American playing for the University of North Texas."

 — Peter Fallon, University of North Texas

"I just want to start out by saying that if you are a decent golfer and want to get better, this program will make you good!

The living conditions at McLennan are great. All the athletes live in duplexes in a regular neighborhood, and all the golfers on scholarship live in adjoining duplexes. Living like this is a benefit in itself because we had our own little family at the duplexes. There were good times and bad, which I thought was beneficial as a life experience and a golf experience. Living this close to one another forces you to interact with people and to make friends. Unfortunately, you also figured out what ticked people off. With both of these factors involved in the living condition, I believe the team bonds quicker than other teams do. I think the closer a team is to one another, the better the team will play.

I think the golf program at McLennan is probably the best one in Texas. You practice and play on the same facility as Baylor, Twin Rivers Golf Course. Therefore, you can practice any part of your game at any time. The coaching staff is what I think makes this program so good. When I was a freshman at McLennan, Rick Butler was head coach and Vince Clark was assistant coach. Coach Butler retired my sophomore year, and Vince became head coach. With this change, many would think a person would change; Vince did not. He was just as willing to help any of his players until dark, if necessary. I consider Vince one of my best friends. I don't think I would be half as good without him.

I have now transferred to the University of Louisiana-Monroe and I know I wouldn't have a chance at playing without having gone through the McLennan golf program. I feel as if I have a head start."

— Michael Oates, University of Louisiana-Monroe

"The start of my son's college life could not have been at a better place than McLennan, and I feel like McLennan was a blessing for Michael. In the first year that he was at McLennan, I could tell that he was at the right place. The golf coaches and other staff at McLennan were a great influence on him. I could not have asked for better mentors. Michael has become a true gentleman because of the teachings and expectations of the staff at McLennan. I am also very proud of his academic achievements and golf success at McLennan.

Michael went on to play golf at a Division I university, and without help from his friends at McLennan, he would not be where he is today.

I am proud to tell people about McLennan and Michael's experiences there. Anytime I have a chance, I am happy to express my appreciation for McLennan."

— Suzanne Oates (Mother of Michael Oates)