MCC Dance Company Tryouts 2023-24

 April 29 & June 3

April 29 - submit application by April 15

June 3 – submit application by May 20


Round 1: Technique combinations (these will be taught at tryout clinics. Check the website for tryout clinic dates!)

Round 2: Solo – not to exceed 1:30 seconds.

Round 3: Learn a jazz or pom sideline on the spot. (Fast Pass recipients will start here)

Round 4: Improv/specialty skills

Round 5: Fight song (this will also be taught at our tryout clinics)

Round 6: Interviews

*New members will be announced at the end of each tryout date. We will not announce via social media until the end of June 3 tryouts.

Requirements for Tryouts:         

  1. Triple
  2. Quad (not required but may ask to see it at tryouts)
  3. 2 eight counts of turns in second (dancers’ choice)
  4. Calypso
  5. Floor leap
  6. Switch element (arabesque, tilt, center, etc.)
  7. Turning disc
  8. Toe touch
  9. Headspring
  10. Kip up
  11. Aerial

*If you are wanting to tryout but can’t attend tryouts or a tryout clinic, please email the coach for further information.